– Games, paired with digital distribution, constitute powerful and global reaching media. Game creators can easily spread ideas and knowledge around the world, as playing games is a common activity in practically every culture. But media that’s not both self- and global-conscious ends up repeating mainstream ideas and does not challenge the status quo.

– The world is being fucked: inequality, extreme climate change, accumulation of wealth in the hands of few, the power of corporations against individuals’ rights, are all on the rise. Our global capitalistic, extractivist system threatens the well-being of millions – maybe billions – everywhere.

– Games can promote awareness of these problems and their solutions, but the game development community is mostly idea-endogamic, feeding itself on the same topics and mostly repeating the same discourse as other media. And mainstream discourse is predominantly western-, white- and male-centric, leaving aside the realities of most human beings.

– Media that repeats the mainstream discourse only serve those who are in power, not the people consuming it, and even less those who cannot even afford access to it.

Games can and should be used in a better way. Games can teach, inform, wake up and transform minds. Games can promote social, political, global change.

Let’s promote critical thinking and raise awareness through games.
Let’s subvert games so they serve people and not corporations.
Let’s make wolves in games’ clothing.